Our Vision:

A thriving generation of Christian leaders transforming the world for Christ.

Doxazo’s purpose is to develop the next generation of business, community, and ministry leaders who emerge from Doxazo with a foundational understanding of their identity in Christ and purpose to disciple the world to Christ.   Doxazo wants to see students leave any experience mobilized to share the Gospel with their schools, their workplaces, and wherever God has called them to right now and with a vision to continue making disciples throughout their lives in whatever context they find themselves in.


“Doxazo has certainly made a huge impact on my development as a leader. I've been taught a Biblical model of servant leadership as well as tools to effectively impact those around me for the Kingdom. I've been around mentors and older, wiser disciples who have trained me in a personal way to be a leader. I've also been given opportunities within Doxazo to apply and develop leadership skills by having responsibilities and opportunities to be faithful.”

- Alex Nasseri, Doxazo Intern